How to use aaha chat

How to change my password?

After you successfully complete your registration you will receive a password in your email. You can change your password by visiting settings page of your profile. You can also see how to register your name in aaha chat rooms.   Here is a step by step instruction to change your password 1. Login with email […]
How to use aaha chat

How to Register in Aaha Chat Rooms

Registration on our chat room is easy and simple, you simply need a valid email to register your username. Here is the instructions how to register your user name. 1. Click the register link on top of the website, or anywhere in the chat room 2. Please enter a username and a valid Email address to […]
How to use aaha chat

Using audio and video (Webcam) in Aaha Chat Rooms

To use audio and video in our Tamil Chat Room you must have Webcam and Microphone in your PC or Laptop. Here is the step by step instruction to use the video and audio in Live Tamil Chat Room. Step 1: Click on the publish my video icon in right top corner of the chat […]